Original Caption: Chris Houston and daughter Sherri are pro bass anglers. Potomac News, June 1988. Photo credit: The Associated Press

In today’s Friday Finale historical photo, it might not look like a bass fishing photo at first glance.  But a closer look reveals Trilene and Mann’s Bait Co. patches, and the unmistakable embroidered name of Sherri Houston on one of the jerseys.  The photo of mother, Chris Houston, Jimmy Houston’s wife, and daughter Sherri, was featured in a 1988 story in the Potomac News about the pair of ladies as professional bass anglers.

At the time of the story, Chris was a “six-time Bass’n Gal Angler of the Year and a member of the National Fishing Hall of Fame.”  The previous year on tour was the first time the mother-daughter duo competed against each other in the Bass’n Gal Classic.  Chris came out on top in that battle, finishing fifth, while daughter Sherri ended up 17th.

“We’re competing against each other, but yet we’re not,” Sherri said.  “We’re always pulling for each other, helping each other out.”

According to the write-up, Sherri had bested her mom a handful of times over the 3 1/2 seasons together on tour, but the two hadn’t battled for the same spot.  It seemed one or the other was always half a dozen spots or more out front, allowing the pair to work together without confrontation.

“We team up to help the leader,” Chris said.  “We had one tournament a few years back where she had just a slim chance to make the Classic.  I had one little bank where I had caught my fish.  I let her have that bank the next day, hoping she would catch something.

“We do stuff like that quite frequently.  She shares with me, and I share with her.  In practice, we can combine information.  We can cover a lot more water that way.”