The Bass Fishing Archives crew started out with Terry Battisti and Pete Robbins.  Battisti and Robbins have written for nearly every bass-centric magazine since 2000.  It wasn’t long after the start of the site that Brian Waldman joined the team.  All three share the passion of bass fishing but where they really mesh is their love for the history of the sport.

As the site gained momentum, other stalwarts in the industry started contacting the site.  People like Stan Fagerstrom, Harold Sharp, and Bill Rice.  Each asked if they could contribute to the site and how could we refuse.  Harold wrote about 10 pieces for the site before he passed in September 2015 and Stan penned over 30 pieces before he passed in July 2019.  We continue to keep their bios here as a sign of all they contributed to the sport over their careers and out of respect for all they did for us as a fledgling bass fishing site.

The Bass Fishing Archives is also blessed with a couple other studs in the bass fishing history realm, Ken Duke and Bill Sonnett.  Ken Duke, former Bassmaster Historian and current Managing Editor for Fishing Tackle Retailer, has become part of the team over the years and contributes as an author whenever he can.  Bill Sonnett, on the other hand, is a lifelong bass fishing historian, author and old tackle expert. He’s written a number of books including his three-volume series, Deconstructing Old Ads available at Whitefish Press.

If you’ve got a knack for the history of the sport and a desire to contribute to the content here, contact us at  We’re always looking for new writers and content.