1978 Bass Masters Classic Press Guide Front Cover

Today in keeping with the run-up to the 53rd Bassmaster Classic we’re posting the photo gallery of the 1978 BASS Masters Classic Press Guide for you all to see.  In this gallery, you can read every page of this rare document. These early Press Guides are scarce due to the fact few were printed. In 1978, B.A.S.S. gave the anglers and the press a one-week lead on where they were to be fishing. Although this pre-announcement was given, it still didn’t give much time for people to plan to attend.

The gallery below is a page-by-page presentation of this rare 1978 Bass Masters Classic Press Guide. It’s filled with the history of how B.A.S.S. was started, what it had accomplished in a short 10 years, biographies for those anglers fishing the 1978 event, and much more.

We’d like to thank B.A.S.S. for the permission to publish this guide as well as Ken Duke for gifting it to us.

We hope you enjoy leafing through this guide and reliving some of the history of the sport.

Click on the first image below to scroll through the entire Press Guide.