Original Caption: Pro bass angler Joe Thomas states that rising water leads to an influx of food and new accessible cover, drawing bass to the shoreline to meet this new food and cover. The Jackson Sun, June 1992. No photo credit

In today’s Throwback Thursday historical photo, we go back to a 1992 story published in The Jackson Sun that featured “Joe Thomas, a rising star on the various professional bass fishing circuits and a member of Yamaha Outboards’ fishing advisory staff,” according to the write-up.

The accompanying story was about fishing rising water, and how Joe approached such conditions. What follows are a few tips from the story that Joe relayed to readers.

> The primary rule to remember, says Thomas, is “move up as the fish do.” Concentrate efforts on flats, rather than points or steep banks, and stay away from areas that have recently become muddy

> Spinnerbaits tend to ride higher in the water and therefore can be fished slower. They are also less likely to snag or get caught in brush. Thomas states that buzz-baits, on the other hand, can be cast past structure and brought through the strike zone of a bass.

> Thomas always positions his boat so that his lures can be cast all the way to the shoreline. During rising water conditions, bass are likely to be extremely shallow and they need only enough water to cover their backs in order to feed.