Mark Menendez holds his Bassmaster Record bass, a 13-09 brute, up as Ray Scott looks in amazement. Photo

In 1973, the Bassmaster record for big fish was set by Bob Tyndall with a 12-13 largemouth taken from the Rodman Pool in the Florida Invitational held on the St John’s River. That record stood for just over 24 years and was a record many probably thought would never be broken.

Well, as with most records, it was finally broken in 1997 at Lake Richland-Chambers in Texas during the 1997 Megabucks event. The angler to finally break the record was Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Mark Menendez. Although the record would only stand for about two years, it was broken by Mark Tyler in 1999 on the California Delta, it, again, was a record many thought would never be broken.

Back in 2014, at a Lew’s Writers’ Retreat, I was able to sit down with Mark and he told me about that fish. In the video below, Menendez recalls the event and more specifically the day he caught the giant. We hope you enjoy this look back in bass fishing history.

We’d also like to thank Ed Moes for recording the story.