David Fritts discusses how he started bass fishing and why he chose the crankbait.

Over the course of time there have been a handful of anglers who have become famous due to the crankbait. Rick Clunn, of course, has made a solid career out of throwing crankbaits and is the reason for the squarebill’s resurrection at least twice since the mid-70s. Paul Elias is another angler who’s kneeling-and-reeling technique brought him fame – and fortune. But if one were to take a poll from anglers over 40 who the best professional crankbait fisherman is, I would bet the results would turn out to show David Fritts as number-1.

David Fritts is one of the very few anglers who has won both the Bassmaster Classic and the Forrest Wood Cup – both events won on a crankbait. He’s known for being one of the first anglers to weight crankbaits to get them deeper and continues to make money off the bait to this day.

At ICAST 2014 we found Fritts in the Raymarine booth, still sporting a Lew’s shirt, and had a chance to talk with him about how he got into bass fishing. We hope you enjoy the video.