Larry Nixon concentrates on the scale as Harold Sharp weighed Nixon's fish at Classic 13. Photo Stan Fagerstrom.
Well folks, I’m here at Bass Masters Classic LII (52) in Greenville, SC. I got in yesterday afternoon, had dinner with Ken Duke and his buddy Brad and today, spent most of my time at Media Day. It was a good time. I got a bunch of good interviews I’ll be sharing this weekend on the You Tube channel as well as here.

What I have for you today is a gallery of photos shot by Stan Fagerstrom over his years of covering the Classic. A few of the pics have already been posted on here but many of the rest have never been published. They range from Classic I through Classic 18. I hope you enjoy the look back and look out this Saturday for a number of videos featuring how seven or eight of the Elite anglers got their start fishing and ended up on the path to become some of the best anglers in the world.

Click on the first photo to open up the gallery and scroll through it.