Mark Menendez topped a field of 137 anglers in the LBL division on Lake Barkley in 1988. Photo September/October 1988 issue of Bass Fishing magazine.

In today’s video feature, Elite Series angler Mark Menendez talks about how he got his start in competitive bass fishing on the Operation Bass circuit. He remembers the two gentlemen that took him under their wings, how his entry fees the first year were partially paid. He also recollects practicing out of a 16-foot aluminum boat then jumping into another angler’s glass boat for the draw events – an angler usually a lot older than him – and having to convince them he was on fish. For a 16-year-old kid, his method of getting to fish his water was way more mature than his age would let on.

Menendez’s story is one I’m sure many can relate to. We may all not have attained the level that Menendez has but his story brings back memories of how I got my start. I hope you like this look back into Mark’s life and the manner in which he made a life as a professional angler.