The Texarkana Bass'n Babes Club circa 1976. Photo from February 1977 issue of Fishing Facts magazine.

Here’s another chance to revisit some of the great women’s bass organizations of the past. I came across this amazing photo of the Texarkana Bass’N Babes featuring a lot of their members, as well as a lot of their tournament trophies. It was part of a write-up from a story in Fishing Facts magazine authored by Genie Howard in February 1977. They had just finished holding a Powder Puff Tournament the previous year (June 12-13) at Millwood Lake, AR.

The event had 85 lady contestants from 6 states: Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Unfortunately, they only listed the top-10 finishers for the event and the only name I recognized was Chris Houston, who finished in 6th place.

The tournament had a lot of industry support, some of the biggest names in the industry at the time. Here are Genie Howard’s words regarding the companies that supported the event:

“Our top prize was $1000.00 cash and, thanks to Ron Pierce of Bass Cat Boats, a beautiful special color, fuchsia and white, high performance bass boat as well. We had help from so many people in the fishing industry. People such as: Jim Bagley, of Bagley Bait Co.; Forrest Wood, of Ranger Boats; Jim Rogers, of Silvertroll; Jim Jost, of Evinrude Motors; Bill Norman, of Norman Lures; Lindy Tackle Co.; Creme Lure Co.; Fishing Facts Magazine; Heddon Bait Co.; Lowrance Electronics; Lazy Ike Co.; Nasty Bait Co.”

Here’s the Top-10 as listed in the article:

  1. Freda Cleveland – Tulsa, OK
  2. Polly Bryan – Ashdown, AR
  3. Maxine Lawrence – El Dorado, AR
  4. Rosemary Lach – Texarkana, AR
  5. Barbara McConnel, El Dorado, AR
  6. Chris Houston, Tahlequa, OK
  7. Judy Grady – Texarkana, AR
  8. Carol Massey – Little Rock, AR
  9. Nancy Millican – Houston, TX
  10. LaMona Eley – Little Rock, AR

If any of the lady anglers out there can put names with the faces in the image above, please leave a comment below. It’d be cool to have all their names listed with this piece.