Chris from the Retro Bassin' YouTube channel.

If you frequent this site, you know we’re all about the history of bass fishing and all that encompasses. At the time we started in March of 2012, there wasn’t much available on the Internet about bass fishing history except for the infrequent historical piece on or maybe threads on message boards about an old lure or rod and reel. Since that time there hasn’t been much of a change, at least on the Internet.

On Facebook, our page started in early 2012 and operated non-stop through my hiatus of 2015 to 2021 and continues to run strong. To add to that, a few others have started pages on either bass lure history of bass fishing history – which is awesome. Then you venture over to Instagram and there are a handful of IGers who solely post images of old lures or memorabilia. Bass Fishing Archives just recently started an Instagram account and we’ve been posting old pictures or pictures of old bass fishing stuff for the past month. We’ve found it to be a pretty tight community of like minds – one that I feel will continue to grow.

Then on over to YouTube. You’re hard pressed to find much on that platform related to bass fishing history. Of course, you have Lynn Dollar and his recordings of old Bassmaster TV shows as well as some videos posted by B.A.S.S. themselves. The Bass Fishing Archives has recently reloaded some of the old videos we created between 2012 and 2015 but other than that, there isn’t much, at least coordinated within one channel.

There is one gem on YouTube, though, and I think those of you out there who like bass fishing history will get a kick out of Chris and his channel Retro Bassin’. I was directed to Chris’ channel back in early January 2021 by BFA team member, Brian Waldman. Since then I have watched every episode of Retro Bassin’. Chris is a natural behind the camera, knows how to set up a scene and is great at editing content.

Content on the channel ranges from Chris visiting old Ma-n-Pa tackle shops in search of long-lost gems to fishing local CenTex lakes out of his 2020 Bass Tracker Classic, fully rigged with 1970s electronics. In many of his videos he starts out in his fishing studio talking about what he’s going to cover in that episode and then the video moves to him either fishing in his boat with old-school gear or he’s dumpster diving in some old tackle store’s dank back-room – breathing dust and fighting off spiders. He is truly dedicated to the history of the sport.

Bass Fishing Archives and Retro Bassin’ plan to do some collaborations in the near future on all the interweb platforms – so be looking out for that soon. In the meantime, check out this video of a little Retro Frog fishing. This video had me rolling on the floor holding my sides. Oh, and take note of his theme song. You hear it once, you’ll be singing it for days. We hope you enjoy and subscribe to Retro Bassin’.

In the meantime, the Bass Fishing Archives is prepping for more content on our YouTube channel and please check us out on Facebook and Instagram for other material we don’t post here on the site.