Lucas on Bass Fishing 3rd Edition 1962.

One thing is certain, if you do much writing for this site, you pretty much have to have one big pile of material to search through. I prefer to think of it as having one heck of a nice library of fishing material, both books and magazines. As you’ve seen in the past, we spend a lot of time reading and rereading books that pertain to bass fishing as we probably own most all of the good ones that have been written. Because of this, we try to write book reviews so you can determine whether or not you’d maybe want to buy one of these books online.

One book that I know Terry and I both have on our shelves is Jason Lucas’, “Lucas on Bass Fishing.” We’ve briefly touched on Jason before in pieces (HERE and HERE). There is also the great piece written by Ken Duke over at Bassmaster on Jason. The byline in that story is, “Jason Lucas: Bass Fishing’s PR Man.” That gives you an idea for how important Jason was in the history of the sport. We’ll be talking more about his book (a review) and his techniques (pre-tourney tactics) in the future, but for today, I just wanted to post an old ad that was used to sell this book nearly 60 years ago.

Lucas on Bass Fishing ad from 1967.

It’s not that often that you see such advertising now, but it was somewhat popular back in the early days. You needed to grab the readers attention, and a full page ad was one such way of doing so. Maybe copy was just really cheap back then. No overlooking it though. Beside, who wouldn’t want to “Catch More Bass and Bigger Bass?” And don’t forget that amazing 6 month trial offer (send NO money now) where you only pay $1 per month until the price of the book ($5.98) plus shipping charges are covered. Come to think of it, that’s almost as good as a late night info-mercial offer. Maybe things really haven’t changed after all these years.