ports Illustrated Cover 19 March 2001.

Sports Illustrated published a series of pieces on whether certain activities should be considered sports and in the March 19, 2001, issue, they addressed bass fishing:

Sport? Not A Sport?

This Week: Tournament Bass Fishing


SPORT “Just as in golf, you need technique, concentration and focus.”

—Annika Sorenstam, golfer

NOT A SPORT “A guy sitting in a boat? I don’t think so.”
—Brad Faxon, golfer

SPORT “Bass are smart and quick. You know you’re in for a battle. The competition makes it a sport.”
—Dusty Baker, Giants manager

NOT A SPORT “you have sonar and all sorts of technical assistance to find the fish. Is that a sport?”
—Glen Sather,
New York Rangers general manager

SPORT “A lot of skill is needed. There’s hardly any luck involved.”
—Richie Sexson, Brewers first baseman

NOT A SPORT “I’ve fished with professional fisherman, and they couldn’t run across the court without passing out.”
—Monty Williams, Magic forward

SPORT “It’s a sport when you’re reeling them in. When you’re not, it’s called an off day.”
—Will Clark, former major leaguer

NOT A SPORT” They don’t have jerseys, man. To play a sport, you have to wear a jersey.”
—Terrell Davis, Broncos running back

SPORT “I only play sports games on my PlayStation, and I play Bass Fishing. So it’s a sport”
—Troy Nunes,
Syracuse QB


By 2006 Terrell Davis might’ve reconsidered his position, since dye-sublimated jerseys quickly became all the rage.