Bob Cobb, the brains behind both Bass Master Magazine and the BASSMaster TV show doing what he did best. Circa 1972.

I was reading in the 1972 July-August issue of Bassmaster Magazine over the weekend and something caught my eye. Bassmaster used to print a section titled, “Along the Tournament Trail,” which was essentially the latest tournament reports, penned by Bassmaster legend Bob Cobb.

Cobb, who is arguably one of the best fishing videographers of the time, and mastermind with the BASSMaster TV series, was also one of the forefathers of bass print. His words graced the pages of Bassmaster magazine with countless articles on the hows, wheres and whatfors of bass fishing in its early days. But, he also had a knack with words – funny strings of words at that. Take these few dingers for example (written as printed):

“The good looker in the hip-hugger britches, Hollywood shades and take-a-look top let out a WHOOP, ‘Boy, I’ve been around and seen a bunch of things, but these bass fishermen are the craziest.’”

Cobb talking about Ray Scott working to develop a new strain of hybrid bass; “A super bass capable of snapping 20-pound lines with a single swirl, able to leap high log jams with a single flop, faster than a speeding trolling motor, and quicker than a used car salesman.”

Cobb in the 1972 Nov-Dec issue talking about Roland Martin’s AOY feat; “Mark 1972 as Roland Martin’s year on bass fishing’s professional Tournament Trail. He has been busier than a one-eyed man at a topless fish fry.”

That’s just good stuff in my opinion and provided a hefty LOL for me. Would that stuff ever get past the editing desk in today’s bass world? I think not. It’s akin to commercial TV’s “All in the Family” or “Sanford and Son” – it was okay back then but not appropriate today. Oh how I long to have been a writer in the early days of bass fishing.