Pork Chunk Fishing by R. R. Mallory published by Netcraft. Circa 1950.
Royce R. Mallory, author of Pork Chunk Fishing, holds up what appears to be a nice brown trout. Mallory's book was published in 1950.

While you likely won’t recognize the person in today’s historical photo, he was responsible for the information in a 1950 booklet on fishing for bass using pork frogs, aptly titled, “Pork Chunk Fishing.”  It was one of a series of booklets put out by Netcraft Co., and is actually a very fun and informative read, not to mention a cool book for the collector.  The cover states, “Tells how we caught over 6000 bass in 20 years of pork chunkin’.”

According to Wikimapia, “In the late 1920s, Royce R. Mallory joined the Edinboro faculty as an instructor of English literature.  Students throughout the following several decades owe Professor Mallory considerable appreciation not only for his knowledge, but for his personal guidance. He retired in 1959 after 31 years of service to Edinboro. In the fall of 1966, a five-acre lake was constructed and named in his honor.”

Royce actually did most of his “pork chunkin’” in 245-acre Edinboro Lake, which the town and campus borders on a majority of sides. The lake contains largemouth and smallmouth bass, muskie, pan fish and walleye.

We featured his book in the post, “Pork: The Forgotten Bait – Part One,” back in April 2022.  It’s a great read on an old, nearly forgotten bait that might be making a comeback again.