Original Caption: Professional BASS angler Rick Clunn and wife, Melissa, visited with Skyline students at Career Day last Thursday. The Douglas County Herald, October 2002, no photo credit.

In today’s Friday Finale and keeping with the theme of Rick Clunn’s 50 years with BASS, a picture of him and wife Melissa that dates back over 20 years ago (2002).  They were one of many featured professionals as part of the Skyline R-2 School’s first ever Career Day, as highlighted by coverage of the event in the local newspaper.  Rick, of course, was there as a professional angler.  Other vocations represented included an Army reservist, farriers, a judge, an auctioneer, a state representative, cosmetologists, newspaper reporters, firemen, a milk hauler, an EMT, a sheriff, a prosecutor, and a nurse.

I can’t even recall if my school ever held a career day or not, but I know for certain if it did, there was never a professional angler there!  I would have totally hung out and talked to them all day if there had been – lol.  Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of both high school and college bass angling teams, it’s probably becoming a much more common thing to see this type of career path being represented to students.  Of course there would have to be guidance counselors working to help students with scholarships and similar type efforts to attend schools with active angling programs.