These four anglers all from the same state made the 1988 BASS Masters Classic. Can you name them? Photo from: The Atlanta Constitution, August 1988, graphic: Mitchell Brooks/staff, Article: Scott Bernarde, staff writer.

In today’s Friday Finale historical photo, this simple graphic by Mitchell Brooks of four professional anglers who qualified for the 1988 Bassmaster Classic was published in the Atlanta Constitution in August 1988.  The accompanying article by staff writer Scott Bernarde was titled, “Fishing Phenoms: Four Are Angling for Top Prize In National Bass Competition.” They all have a lot in common, like the state they are from, their ages (all in their 30s at the time), even their home lake and favorite bass to catch.

Can you name all four anglers?  We’ll post their names and their bios that appeared in the story in the comments section below a little later today.