Dave Lefebre talks about his first bass and the effect it had on him. This video was recorded at the 2014 FLW Cup. Photo Brenda Serrano.

We all remember our first bass – or at least the first bass we set out to catch. The memory always holds a deep place in our hearts. But just because bass pros make their living at catching bass doesn’t mean the thought of their first largemouth or smallmouth doesn’t bring back a flood good memories. In fact, it was usually that first fish that paved the way for them choosing their profession.

Back in 2014 at the FLW Cup, I had the chance to briefly talk with Dave Lefebre between his speaking engagements. In that time, I asked him what got him interested and hooked on bass fishing. For Lefebre, it was all about his first fish and how it changed him.

He goes on to talk about how he would sneak books into his room at night to read. He also went so far as to stuff his text books at school with Bassmaster or In-Fisherman magazines so he could read them without getting caught. He’d also pretend he was a pro on the water of his small home lake.

Lefebre’s first fish was on a floating Rapala – a company he is now sponsored by.

Click on the video below to listen as Dave recounts that fish and how it got him hooked.