Scott Martin at the 52nd Bassmasters Classic on Lake Hartwell.  Photo Terry Battisti.

The final Bassmasters Classic Media Day interview I was able to conduct was with none other than Scott Martin. Martin , as you well know, comes from a fishing family so it was probably a predetermined fact of life he’s join the family and become a professional angler.

In this video Scott talks about his first bass, a story he doesn’t remember but it’s told by his mother and father. He was 2 years old and caught a 9-pound bass and got it in the boat. Even though he doesn’t remember it, it must have been engrained into his mind and helped him to become one of the country’s best anglers.

Scott also talks about his first actual memory of catching a bass, filming with his father at a young age, his first tournament and a lot more.  Click on the video link below to hear the whole story!