Original Caption: Floyd Mabry, a professional fisherman, displays some of the many lures he uses to catch bass in waters across the nation. Mabry represents the Bomber Bait Co. of Texas and is presently testing the Bomber lures in Lakes Marion and Moultrie. The State (Columbia, SC), Dec. 1970. Photo: West Carolina Bureau photo by Wallace C Hitchcock

In today’s Friday Finale historical photo, we go back to 1970 and take a look at someone we’ve mentioned several times before, but in a slightly different light.

As the South Carolina story states, “Floyd Mabry has a job that causes most fishermen to turn green with envy.  He fishes, talks about fishing, and gets paid for it.”

Floyd was the famous Bomber rep who traveled the country promoting Bomber Baits, and teaching people how to use them.  In this write-up, Floyd was visiting South Carolina, fishing Santee-Cooper Reservoir for largemouth and striped bass.  The photo is a great one, with Floyd holding up a couple handfuls of Bombers and Waterdogs.  I can only guess how much a large stash of those baits new would garner these days.

The story gives Floyd’s background, stating, “Mabry sold his bakery in Oklahoma in 1960 and went South to Texas to look for a good place to retire and fish.  He bought a fishing camp there and it wasn’t long before he was known as the finest fisherman in Texas and collected the trophies to prove it.  He is the only three-time winner of the Texas State Bass Championship and was recently named one of the top ten fishermen in the nation by a popular outdoor magazine.”

Mabry and his wife traveled the country in an air-conditioned house trailer pulled by a pick-up truck. Of course, he also brought along his fully rigged boat.

When asked about first accepting the position of being Bomber’s rep, Mabry said, “I told my wife, Irene, about the Bomber offer and asked her if she’d be satisfied traveling. Irene is as enthused about the job as I am…and I’m tickled to death.”