Charlie Brewer Inky Dink Fishing Tips/ad from 1972. Image Bassmaster Magazine.

About a week ago David Smith posted a piece on Charlie Brewer’s 25th Anniversary Catalog, and longtime Bass Fishing Archives supporter and Bassmaster Conservation Director Gene Gilliland made a comment that he didn’t see the Inky Dink in the 1995 line-up.  Because there are probably a few out there that don’t remember the bait or don’t know what it is at all, today’s post, Charlie Brewer Inky Dink 1972, is all about that bait.

It just so happens that I was scanning a 1972 Bassmaster the other day and ran across this small ad/fishing tip from Charlie Brewer on how to fish the Inky Dink.  The Inky Dink was essentially a Slider head with a small Colorado blades attached to a swivel and then placed on the hook.

The head of the worm was run up the hook first and placed at the base of the head, then the blade/swivel placed on the hook, and finally the hook point is run into the worm to make the rig weedless.

The bait was designed by Brewer to be fished in heavy cover as well as during the colder months of the year.  He said small spinner lures will work in times where nothing else would.  Also, the spinner and the fact you could trim the Slider head allowed the anglers exceptional depth control.

The small ad/fishing tip offered two methods in which to fish the Inky Dink.  The first method was his bottom bumping or crawling method.  Essentially you cast out, engage the reel, and let the bait sink to the bottom.  Then lift the rod, let the bait fall back to the bottom, wind in the slack, and repeat.

The second technique is what he called the Sliding method.  For this you cast out, engage the reel to bring up the slack, let the bait fall to the desired depth, and then slowly reel in without imparting any action at all.

Brewer talks in his book about a 35-pound limit of smallies he caught on these techniques so you know they work.

I would bet that there are few anglers still fishing this bait this way, especially since Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company doesn’t sell this rig anymore.  To me it’s a lot like an underspin, except with more finesse.  With all the people these days throwing smaller and smaller swimbaits, there’s got to be a time when the Inky Dink will produce.  You just have to throw it.

I’ve included the section of Charlie’s book that covered the Inky Dink for you to check out below.  The book is still available on the website under the Misc. tab for the low price of $6.95.  I have had a couple copies of the book over my life and it’s one I read on a frequent basis.  It’s worthy of a spot on your bookshelf.

As stated in the first paragraph, in the comments a week ago on our Facebook page, Gene Gilliland made the comment the Inky Dink wasn’t made anymore.  Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company made a remark they may have to bring it back.  That’d be cool if they did.



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