Slider Fishing 1995 front cover

Today in bass fishing history we’re going to offer for your viewing pleasure, the entire Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company 25th Anniversary catalog. This catalog was volume XV (15) and was released in 1995. It’s a relatively short catalog, with 10 interior pages.

The front cover features Charlie Brewer Sr., the founder of the company and the inventor of the famous “Do Nothing” fishing technique. Brewer also came up with jig designs and small soft plastics to go along with his Do Nothing fishing system. The cover shows three images of Brewer holding chunky bass. The inside cover opens the catalog with a brief paragraph from Charlie Brewer Jr. telling the reader that “Slider fishing is a simple do-nothing method for imitating nature,” and that “Slider fishing offers a fun and relaxing way to increase your catch.”

The Slider Company, formerly the Crazy Head Lure Company, product line in 1995 wasn’t what it is today. Today they have more lures and a line of merchandise, such as hats, t-shirts and other items. But the company has stayed remarkably true to its original mission and focus. The first three pages of products spotlight the company’s flagship lure, the Slider Worm. The Slider Worm is a simple, ribbed, 4-inch spade- or beaver-tail finesse worm that comes in a variety of color combinations. Also pictured are Slider Worms in a paddle-tail, or “vibra-tail” style. Interestingly, the vibra-tail worm is no longer found on the company’s current website, but they do continue to carry paddle-tail grubs as shown on pages 5-7.

I recently chatted with Caroline Calton, granddaughter of Charlie Brewer Sr. and the current owner of the Slider Fishing company. I asked her if the company had made any significant changes to their product line since they began. She replied, “One of the original lures was tweaked back in the late 1980s. The 4-inch worm is actually 4.25-inches now. My dad, Charlie Jr., was preparing to have a new mold built. He asked my grandad, Charlie Sr., if there was anything he would change about the worm. My grandad thought a bit and said he would make it just a tad longer. This caused some grumbles among some of the die hard Slider fishermen, but Charlie felt that it being a tad longer was necessary. Here we are in 2023 still selling that worm, so I think he was right.”

That just blows my mind. A major shift in the product line occurred when they decided to add a quarter-inch to a four-inch worm. And that “caused some grumbles” among die-hard Slider fishing devotees. That speaks of belief in what you have to offer, and belief in the Slider Fishing system.

Slider Fishing 1995 p.6
Slider Fishing 1995 p.8

One interesting lure that the company no longer carries is on page 6. It’s called the Booby-Trap. It looks like a weighted split-tail grub rig with a metal blade set perpendicularly into a straight wire attached ahead of the grub weight. Beads are on either side of the blade, which I’m assuming causes the lure to act similarly to a vibrating chatterbait-style lure as it’s pulled through the water. The hook through which the grub is rigged also has a small treble hook trailer at its end. It is pretty unusual.

Also pictured on this page are some Whirly Bee lures, which the company still carries today.

We also have a page with three kit boxes and a couple of light-weight Slider rods. Original Slider kits have become collectible items. The company currently offers a single kit box, their 4″ Slider Worm Kit. In 2020 they also reissued their small, vintage-style Slider rod as a 50th Anniversary Fiberglass Yellow Rod with Tennessee Handle. I know that some anglers who fish light, old school finesse lures and techniques wish more such rods were available today. Well, they still have some of these rods available on their website.

The Charlie Brewer’s Slider Company 25th Anniversary catalog ends with the line-up of the special jig heads Charlie created to fish his Do-Nothing system. His Slider Head jig is really a must-have for fishing these small plastics, slowly and at depth. The jig’s flattened head allows it to glide through the water without quickly sinking like a round head or other lead head jig.

The catalog ends with Charlie’s Slider Fishin’ book and a VHS video seminar by Charlie Brewer himself, teaching you everything you need to know to effectively fish the system. I really wish they’d reissue this video seminar in DVD format. That would be outstanding. I asked Caroline if they have any of those old videos still available. She replied that they do not, but she did say that the same video, with a few edits, is available on YouTube. Click this link to view it.

Hope you enjoyed this peek at the Slider Fishing 25th Anniversary catalog from 1995. If you want to scan through the whole, short catalog just click on the first image in the gallery below and use the arrows to go through it page by page.