Original Caption: Jeanette Storey with a stocky Kentucky Lake largemouth. The Paducah Sun, June 1984. Staff photo by Steve Vantreese (Sun Outdoor Editor)

In today’s Friday Finale historical photo, a look back at one of the top women’s competitors in professional angling, Jeanette Storey.  Jeanette entered her first Bass’n Gal event on Kentucky Lake, her home water, in 1980.  She went on to begin fishing the full Bass’n Gal circuit beginning the following year.

At the time of this 1984 news story, Jeanette had qualified for 4 consecutive Bass’n Gal Classics.  She had won two Invitational events, one in Texas at Lake Bob Sandlin and the other in Illinois at Clinton Lake, and was in the running for the circuits AOY title, which she ultimately finished up third.

She would later go on to win the 1990 Bass’n Gal Texas Invitational at Lake Fork, along with scoring several other runners up positions.  She also fished against the guys for a time in the LBL Division of the Red Man Tournament Trail.

One of her first sponsorships came when she was approached by Jim Bagley, of Bagley Baits. She would acquire several others along the way.  In addition, she hosted a syndicated radio program, and served as an instructor for the American Fishing Institute.

Original Caption: READY TO GO - Murray's Jeanette Storey stands ready to hit the championship fishing tournament trail at the Storey home in the Edinborough section of Murray. Mrs. Storey started fishing on the national tournament circuit in 1980 and has since been firmly established as one of the top competitors in the country. The Mayfield Messenger, Feb 1986. Messenger photo by Wendell Givens.