Lefty Kreh with a nice largemouth. January 1993, The Ridgewood News, no photo credit

New Jersey papers are straight and to the point.  No fancy write-ups or long stories, just a picture that caught my eye while scanning through the pages of the paper.  Today’s Friday Finale historical photo ties in with the winter seminar theme, and this time a little change in pace.  It’s world-renowned fly-fishing angler, Lefty Kreh, who was going to be one of the featured speakers at an upcoming sport show.

I thought it was particularly interesting that Lefty was pictured, fly rod in hand, holding a big largemouth bass, as he was more well known in the saltwater arena.  And if you think a fly angler doesn’t really belong on the site, some of you might remember that fly fishing and B.A.S.S. had a bit of a mutual relationship.  Ray Scott did try to host a few ill-fated fly-fishing tournaments among his touring professionals, and outstanding fly anglers like Dave Whitlock were regularly featured in the pages of Bassmaster magazine in the early 1980s.

Another reason you might recognize Lefty is from a line-to-leader connecting knot that bears his name, the “Lefty Kreh Knot.”  It is also more frequently these days called the Seaguar Knot, and a Google search will often list both names for this knot in the title.  Lefty also is credited in name with the Kreh Loop Knot, or “non-slip loop knot.”  Search for either of these knots and you might be surprised to find that you’re tying and using either, or both, and didn’t even realize it.  Lefty passed away in 2018, and Dave Whitlock more recently late last year.