Original Caption: Harold Allen, a pro bass fisherman from Texas, demonstrates the art of casting to Jim Lukas of Windsor (left) and others this week. Detroit Free Press, May 1990, photo credit: Larry Monkhouse/Special to the Free Press.

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like from atop the demonstration boat at the “Hawg Trough,” today’s Throwback Thursday historical picture, Team Skeeter Invades Canada, may give you an idea.  The image dates back to 1990 and features Harold Allen on the semi-trailer aquarium.

According to the local write-up, “A dozen tournament pros from the Skeeter Boat Co. fishing team set up a huge fish tank in the parking lot of the Chrysler truck plant in Windsor (Ontario, Canada), where the mostly southern-U.S. anglers were the hit of the week with about 3,000 Canadian auto workers who got free fishing lessons and seminars.

“The big draw was the Hawg Trough, a glass-sided tank mounted on a semitrailer, where the pros demonstrated casting for hawgs (big bass), walleyes (which Canadians call pickerel) and even some nice rainbow trout.”

An excerpt from the story specifically mentioning Harold follows:

“Harold Allen, a veteran Skeeter pro who lives on Toledo Bend Reservoir in East Texas, says that during tournaments in areas that have both smallmouth and largemouths in the same water, he generally concentrates on the latter ‘because they are usually a little bigger, and these tournaments are won by weight.’

“‘If it looks like we can do better catching smallmouths, then I change tactics.  You use smaller baits (lures) for smallmouths, and you work them faster.  You also look in different places.  Smallmouths usually like deeper, cooler water, and in moving water they like a lot of current,’ Allen said.”