Original Caption: Professional bass angler Larry Nixon hoists lunker largemouth August 1991, The Montgomery Advisor, photo credit: John E. Phillips

“Let the bass tell you what they want” is often a common approach to figuring out how to attack a lake.  In today’s Friday Finale historical news photo, Larry Nixon, said that approach might not always be the best one.

In an article titled “Pro favors ‘preferred’ bass tactics” in the Montgomery Advisor from August 1991, Larry stated, “Sometimes it’s actually better for an angler to fish the way he wants to fish because he feels more confident.”

Larry goes on to say, “I believe everyone agrees that on a big lake several totally different bass-catching patterns will probably exist, including the use of both slow- and fast-moving lures.  If bass are biting slow-moving lures like plastic worms, it may be extremely difficult to find bass that will hit crankbaits.

“When we’re all out there catching bass by finesse-fishing techniques, the ‘power fishermen’ with crankbaits are still looking for their bass. Sometimes they find them, but sometimes the tournament ends before they do.”