Original Caption: Jack Chancellor examines a topographical map of the Alabama River. The Montgomery Advisor, July 1990. photo by Alan Polk.

Today’s Friday Finale historical photo dates back to 1990, and features former Classic winner Jack Chancellor of Phenix City, AL.  The local news story featured Jack as he was trying to qualify for another Bassmaster Classic.  He had already fished 7 of them and is most recognized as the winner of the 1985 Classic.

In that event, he put a couple lures and techniques on the radar of many anglers.  One was the old jigging spoon, and the other was a modified Carolina rig called the “Do-Nothing” worm.  He utilized both baits to win the event.

Of the jigging spoon, he stated, he “prefers a 3/4- to one-ounce nickel-plated spoon.  He uses it on a medium to heavy action 6 1/2-foot rod rigged with 17-pound test line.”

As to how the “Do-Nothing” rig came about, he said, “I had a friend who brought me a little straight worm that had two hooks in it in the early 1970s.  He told me a man down on Seminole was wearing out the fish on it by fishing it around docks and only light-action tackle.

“So I put the worms in my tackle box and a couple of months later I tried them on a point.  I caught a bunch of little bass, but nothing any size.

“Then I started playing with them and found out the big weight and a long lead line would really make a difference.”

But there was another event that occurred at that Classic anglers might remember.  One that almost sidelined Jack and could have ended any chance he had of winning.  Per the article, “On the way to the launch site, a two-pound winch hook came flying through the windshield and some small pieces of glass got stuck in Chancellor’s eyes.

“A nurse in the crowd rolled Chancellor’s eyelid up with a toothpick, used a tissue to blot out the glass and then flushed it with water.  The nurse’s quick response worked and Chancellor was soon on his way to his hole.”

In 1987, a back injury sustained in a car accident started to slow him down.  He would go on to fish a few more full seasons on tour, through the 1992 season, then fished the 1993-1995 Bassmaster SuperStars events, along with a final Alabama event in 2002.

In total, he fished 110 events, had the one win (1985 Bassmaster Classic), along with two second place finishes (1982 BASS Masters Classic and 1985 Chattanooga Invitational), as well as two third place finishes, the 1981 BASS Masters Classic and 1990 Megabucks.