Jimmy Houston’s Redman Spinnerbait by Bill Norman. Ad circa 1976.

Originally posted 12 April 2012

I posted something a few years back on the Bass Fishing Homepage (remember that place?) about my preference for a spinnerbait and still to this day, it hasn’t changed. Of course over the course of the last 30 years spinnerbait technologies have increased and now we have titanium wire, weight-distributed bodies and heads pushing past the 1-ounce mark. All this new stuff is great and serves a purpose but give me an old 1/4- to 1/2-ounce Norman Redman spinnerbait (red head of course) and I’m happy about 90% of the time.

I liked this bait so much that when I found out Norman was discontinuing them around 1985, I went to the tackle store and bought the remaining 80-plus baits they had hanging on the wall.  What, in my opinion, made this bait great?  The wire tie, the length of the wire and, of course, it was the only spinnerbait that had double-cupped blades. Although the cupped blades were what I felt at the time made the bait, it is the line tie I miss most these days.  Today’s twist and R-bend are easy to manufacture but I sure hate the fact that your line can get crimped in the twist or slip up an R-bend.  You got none of that with the coil line tie.

My two biggest spinnerbait fish came on this bait and I’ve still got a few of that remaining stock – but I sure wish I had a few more.  Hint hint Norman MFG (PRADCO). Hey, if it was good enough for Jimmy back then, it’s got to be worth bringing back? Right?


Past Reader Comments:

RichZ:  For me, it was the Bass Buster Scorpion and Tarantula. And later, the Cordell Buck Spinner. So named because that’s what it cost.

Terry to RichZ:  I used to use those too Rich. There were a couple of golf course ponds we used to sneak into when I was a kid and the fish at this one course had a weird preference for that dang Scorpion. Purple, no less. Put a U3 Uncle Josh twin tail on it and it was like they’d never been fed before.

fish_food:  I miss the days when mailing off $4-5 would get you a sample lure, a patch (or trucker hat) and a catalog. Hard to imagine Jimmy Houston without his trademark Caesar haircut…

Terry to fish_food: I hear ya. Those were the good ole’ days. And, if you think that pic of Jimmy is good, I have another one that I’ll post soon that’s even better.

Paul Wallace:  Hey Jimmy, buy one size bigger shirt. Lol

Terry to Paul Wallace:  Yeah Paul, it does look like those buttons are a little stressed. 🙂