1979 Adventurer Crankbait and Spinnerbait box full of some of my old cranks and blades.

Going through a bunch of moving boxes that have been packed up from several moves over the years, I opened one that was full of bass fishing gold. A vintage 1979 Adventurer 1735 tackle box I received as a gift around the 1979/80 timeframe.

This box I got brand new for Christmas and used it through the early 90s as my main crank and blade box. The box is full of cranks and blades I used back the day and it brings back a lot of fond memories.

This was the box to use back in the 70s through the 80s, before the concept of using 3700-sized boxes came about. This box along with my Plano 737S were the two boxes I always carried in the boat. Between the two I could carry enough cranks, blades, jigs and worms to outfit me for an entire 2-day tournament.

The box holds a number of 1970s and 1980s-era baits that I used in my early tournament fishing days. Baits like the FR5 and FR7 Rapala Fat Rap, the Storm Wiggle Wart, Norman Deep Little Ns, and an array of Bagley’s Balsa Bs. You’ll also find a number of old spinnerbaits like the Norman Red Man spinnerbait, Tom Markey’s Bushmaster spinnerbait, and Lonnie Stanley’s original Wedge Vibrashaft spinnerbaits. Add to this a couple Norman Triple Wing Buzzbaits and you have a box that you could take anywhere in the 70s or 80s and catch bass.

As time went by, the box became more of a pain to deal with in the new storage compartments that were being seen in the more modern bass boats. Plano 3700s took the place of this box and my 1735 was relegated as a storage box on the shelf in my garage.

Now I have to find the moving boxes that have my other old tackle boxes and see what gems are in them. Until then, I hope you enjoy this video and the look back into an old tackle box full of vintage bass fishing goodness.