Original Caption: He Tells 'How Come'- Bass fisherman Bob Underwood says cover is the most important factor in locating fish like the one he's examining in this picture. Underwood, who says he fishes for the sheer fun of it and doesn't care for bass clubs, is the author of 'Lunker!' Rather than simply tell how to catch bass, he tells 'how come.' December 1975, The Shreveport Journal (LA), no photo credit.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked, or underappreciated, books on bass fishing, is the subject for today’s historical photo. Around 1975, Bob Underwood (pictured), authored the book, “Lunker!,” a book based on his scientific research of bass in their native habitat. An article on the book appeared in The Shreveport Journal and had some good quotes from Bob worth sharing.

Article Title: “Lunker!” Takes a Look Beneath the Surface, by Glynn Harris

Regarding his experiments: “I never intended it to get so involved, but every time I went down to test one thing, I’d open up a whole new bunch of questions; I just couldn’t quit.”

Regarding his fishing for sport: “When I go out now, I never fish the concentrations of fish I locate by scuba. It gives me too much of an edge over the fish. Personally, I’d rather leave all my sophisticated equipment home and take a john boat and paddle. I fish for the sheer fun of it.”

Regarding bass clubs and tournaments: “There’s no question…they’ve done a lot to help bass fishing – but they have been harmful, too, by taking the plain old relaxing fun out of fishing. Personally, I have no use for the clubs and tournaments.”

What is the single most important thing to a bass? Temperature? Food supply? Nope, COVER in (sic) the one thing Underwood found that governs the action of bass and determines where he might be found more than any other factor. In order of importance to bass, here’s how Underwood ranks them; cover, availability of food, proximity to deep water, temperature. Surprised? So was I.

If you haven’t added this great book to your collection yet, it is well worth the read, easily found online, and affordable, too.