Knight Manufacturing produced The Tube Worm from 1976 through the 80s. Here's an ad from 1980 that was in Bassmaster Magazine.

Today’s Friday Finale is an ad I ran across that took me back to my favorite worm of the day, the Tube Worm. I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of plastic worm fishing. I guess I never had the patience to fish these baits slow enough to be very successful with them. That said, I did throw them a bit when I was first learning to bass fish, and when I did, it was The Tube worm.

I’m not sure exactly what the attraction was, outside of me thinking that they were just simply a cool worm. Those little tentacles on the end, and that internally segmented body just captured my attention. These baits would stand almost straight up on the bottom of the lake when properly weighted, and could even float a lightweight worm hook for a deadly combination when thrown on a Carolina Rig. Some guys would even stuff Alka-Seltzer into the tube to create a bubble tail. Just a neat little worm that I wish was still around, though they can be had every once in a great while from eBay.

Knight Manufacturing started as a garage business in 1965 by Wayne Kent, and his wife, Judy. The Tube was introduced in 1976, and with it came a national product and audience. Knight’s other “famous” venture was “The Lit’l Fishie”, which along with the Sassy Shad, could be argued to be one of the early swimbait predecessors. In 1989, the company merged with the Creme Lure Co., maker of the original soft plastic worm, the Scoundrel.