Steve Blazer's Tennessee Toughy Part Two.

In today’s video, Tennessee Toughy Steve Blazer – Part Two, Steve Blazer covers a number of topics regarding his baits, their designs, and how the Tapp got its name.  Blazer also goes into his relationship with Ed Chambers, owner of ZOOM baits and the maker of WEC crankbaits, as well as the sale of the company to Chambers.

For those of you who are wood bait freaks, designers, or aspiring creators, his discussion on what went in to making his lures will shed a lot of light on how he came up with his lures as well as what he designed them to do.  For example, his design criteria for the Tapp, was pretty tight, yet with the knowledge he’d gained from his previous bait designs and from tearing apart other baits, his nailed the bait on the first go.  That’s impressive and shows how much Blazer paid attention to detail.

I hope you enjoys the video.  It isn’t often you get to sit down with a bait maker of Steve’s caliber and get the juice.

To view the video, click on the link below.  To see Part One of this series, click here.