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The Bantam 100

For the last 40-plus years you can’t talk about reels without the mention of Shimano. Shimano reels are known as some of the best designed and manufactured reels in the world.

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Lew Childre – It’s All About Speed

Still, Childre’s legacy lives on in the rod and reel industry. If not for him, it could have been a couple decades before the U.S. embraced the Fuji guide (Americans still considered Japanese-made products junk in those days). His new pistol grip collet design was light years ahead of anything previous and, of course, we owe him for changing the reel industry.

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Gearin Up

Well, Lew Childre saw a need and developed the Lew’s Speed Spool Gear Kit. With this kit, you could retrofit your old slow 5000, 6000 and Diawa Millionaires with high-speed, 4.8:1 gears.

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