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The U.S. Open 1981: An Event that Changed Bass Fishing – Part One

Until this time, rarely, if ever, had a southern angler ventured west to fish unless it was for one of the few events B.A.S.S. held in the west. This event was different, though. The promise of a big payday brought anglers from 22 states. Names like Roland Martin, Bobby Murray, Forrest Wood, Basil Bacon, Harold Allen, Don Butler, Cliff Craft, Rick Clunn and Ricky Green would face off against the West’s best.

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Western Champions 1976

Then there’s Dee Thomas and his protégé Dave Gliebe, both just after taking the southern B.A.S.S. events by storm with the new Flippin’ technique. Another western legend in this mix is Mike Folkestad, who also put a hurtin’ on some of the events in the east and still takes a good sum of cash from western anglers today.

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