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Old Bass Boat Ads – 1974

when one looks at the ads, we see some companies didn’t seem to pay attention that prices were on the rise, while it’s obvious that other companies were going to wait it out before they made a move to embrace new technology. Then there were the companies who were sitting in a perfect position for an energy crisis.

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A Raised Flipping Deck?

Bass boats from the early days through about the mid-80s had a nominal front deck – many of which stopped at the rear of the front seat pedestal- and these decks were anywhere from 6 inches to a foot below the boat’s gunwale.

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Tiny Boat Revolution

Numerous things impress me about Japan’s bass fishing industry.  Of course they design and manufacture some of the best tackle ever produced.  What many people outside of Japan don’t know is their production of small, fully-outfitted bass boats. 

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