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1970s Tuner Gear Kits

This week I’m going to discuss what today would be called 1970s Tuner Gear Kits. These high-speed conversion gear kits allowed an angler to change out the old 3.75:1 gears in the ABU 5000 and 6000 reels and improve the ratio to near 5.0:1.

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Why Didn’t Round Rebound?

Twenty five years later, Abu still makes some round reels, but the lion’s share of their advertising efforts for the bass market focuses on the low-profile Revos. The picture may show that 15 unaffiliated anglers used Abu reels in the 1987 Classic,

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Gearin Up

Well, Lew Childre saw a need and developed the Lew’s Speed Spool Gear Kit. With this kit, you could retrofit your old slow 5000, 6000 and Diawa Millionaires with high-speed, 4.8:1 gears.

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