Original Caption: Here's part of a big string of bass caught by national fishing champion John Powell on a Creme Shimmy Gal worm. He'll be in the Creme booth talking fishing during the outdoor show. February 1970, The Tennessean, no photo credit

Today’s Friday Finale historical photo dates back to 1970 and features one of the top professional anglers at the time, John Powell.  This was back when winter meant tackle shows, and the 14th annual Great Lakes of the South outdoor show was no exception.  According to the big news write-up:

“Creme Worm from Tyler Tex. is sending in two national champions who spend almost every waking moment on some reservoir trying to lure a lunker.  John Powell and Bill Dance, both winners of numerous BASS championships throughout the southeast and southwest will be on hand.”

Another big-name mention was Tom Mann:

[Tom] Mann’s here this weekend, fishing area lakes in his wave-taming Bomber created by Fiberking of Nashville.  It features Vexilar electronic equipment, particularly that depth sounder that beeps whenever you hit a pre-determined depth or when you’re over a school of fish.  Even a loner lunker makes a healthy beep.”

Other listed booths and reps that might ring a bell included:

  • Dave Dickerson (Okie Bug)
  • Dick Kotis, Paul Howard, Vern Hall (Arbogast)
  • Don MacKenzie (Garcia)
  • Bill Clay, Allen Hardy, Dave Hart (Shakespeare)
  • Gene Collins (Wright & McGill)
  • Ross Riddle, Jack Collins (Doll Fly, Cisco Kid, Rooster Tail Spinners)
  • Jack Noyes (Berkley)
  • Dudley Simpson (Pflueger)
  • Jim Lough, Taylor Britton (True Temper)
  • Patsy Curtis (Electra-Pal)
  • Gaines Smith (Cotton Cordell, Ray Jefferson, Normark)