Ad from Marvell Comic Book Feb, 1983

I’d like to thank a buddy of mine, Jason Baggett (@jasonbaggett for you Twitterers), for sending me this cool ad from a 1983 Marvell comic book. It seems that fishing was so important to the development of kids, as were comic books, even Spiderman got in the act promoting the sport.

Unfortunately I bet we’d be hard pressed to find an ad like this in any recent media children read and if we did, it’d be worded much differently.  For example, today, with the popularity of fishing spanning genders, mom is just as apt to help a kid pick out fishing gear as dad is – and as far as I’m concerned, that’s awesome.  Unfortunately, the main problem with today’s society is it seems more important for children to see ads pertaining to the agendas of people who don’t fish or hunt.  Now let’s see how much hate mail I get for that comment.

So, do you think Spiderman used a Garcia rod and reel or do you think he just tied a lure to his web and cast it out?