1979 Bill Norman Lures Snatrix ad featuring Hank Parker, winner of the 1979 Bassmaster Classic.

Bill Norman Lures was one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of hardbaits since the early 70s. It is without argument that the Deep Little N and DD22 are probably two of the best crankbaits ever designed – even considering today’s super-computer designed Japanese cranks. They also had one of the best spinnerbaits ever, the Norman Red Man Spinnerbait designed with Jimmy Houston, along with the first triple-bladed buzzbait, the Triple Wing Buzzbait in fact.

Then in the late 70s, Bill Norman Lures decided they wanted some of the market share within the soft plastics industry. In 1977 they introduced the Snatrix, a plastic snake-like worm in which Hank Parker credited part of his ’79 Classic win to.  Soon after tackle stores couldn’t keep them stocked and Norman Lures was probably running double shifts to keep up with demand.

It couldn’t have been more than five years later that Norman Lures discontinued the Snatrix and went back to what they do best, make crankbaits. I’m not sure why the bait was discontinued, it had some appeal and caught fish. I do remember some people complaining about the tail getting hung up on tree limbs and brush while flipping but as a Carolina rig bait, it would shine.

So, did any of you ever catch a fish on the Snatix?


Past Reader Comments:

Brandon:  I caught MANY MANY MANY bass on the chartreuse 7′ snatrix, fished weightless and pulled over the edge of grass or lilies, let it free fall, give it a twitch and BOOM! Loved those! I wish there was one made today that was as good a quality as those Norman Snatrix. they were a little tougher plastic so lasted a little longer but were still plenty flexible/pliable for great action.

Dexter Pearcy:  It’s good to see these lures are still appreciated. Bill Norman was my grandad so I love seeing his products tied to good memories. He was a great man.

Bob Uhrig:  We use to catch fish on the black/blue tail Snatrix flipping them in Orange Lake, FL.

Bruce W: I was young then, and worked at a Marina on Lake Tenkiller, Okla.  When the Snatrix, came out, everyone, I mean everyone was using them! We caught tons of fish on them. Its slim profile, may have helped in Tenkillers clear water? Love your site.  p.s. I still have a Redman Spinnerbait.

Jerry Rapp:  Anyone have any Snatrix’s that they want to part with? Hint, they make a great spinnerbait trailer. Let me know if you have some and maybe we can do a trade.

Rich:  I didn’t, but my regular tourney partner of the time did, and we caught some fish on them, but we never found them to be anything special.

Erick Prado:  That is WAY before my time but, yeah I would have bought one…cuz im a sucker lol…I love this site.