Pro-Throne ad featuring Ray Scott circa 1972.

In today’s world of bass fishing, bass boats come with swivel seats fore and aft, but most are relegated to the back of the truck or placed in the garage until the boat is sold. Back in the day, though, these seats were what actually defined a bass boat – or a boat used for bass fishing. If you saw the seat(s) in the boat, you knew the angler was a bass fisherman.

So, what was the option for the budding bass angler who didn’t have a bass boat and wanted to fit their bow rider or jon boat with casting seats? Well, one option was the Machine Design Inc. Pro Throne. For $75.00 ($64.00 if you were a B.A.S.S. member) you could outfit your non-bass boat and make it a rig the pros would fish out of. Heck, even Mr. Bass himself, Ray Scott endorsed the product.

Here are Scott’s words:

“the new ‘Pro-Throne’ is the finest Bass boat seat on the market.  You feel like a king if you catch ’em or not.”

Even if seats were still used today, I would bet you a few Vision 110s that Machine Design Inc. wouldn’t associate this piece of equipment with a “throne.” I’m guessing the word “throne,” back in those days, wasn’t a euphemism for “crapper.”