Original Caption: Shag Shahid of Foley, Ala., holds a largemouth bass taken in a weed-clogged section of Lake Rosseau in Citrus County. Feb. 1982, Tampa Bay Times, photo credit: Citrus Times - Frank Sargeant

Today’s Friday Finale historical photo is of famed trick caster, Shag Shahid.  Early in his career, he was a semi-pro baseball player.  He later moved to Alabama where he opened a restaurant, Shag’s Restaurant.  After marrying Lola Price, he moved again to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and again opened a restaurant, Shag’s BBQ.

In the 1970s he pursued a fishing career, which most of us knew him for.  He went to work for Lew Childre in their rod and reel operation located in Foley, Alabama.  He would go on to help develop some of the more popular rod and reel designs of the time, including “carving from wood, what eventually became the pistol grip handle made by Fuji and featured on the Lew’s Speed Stick,” according to a March 2012 BassFan article.

It was also at this time that he honed his casting ability and became known as one of the best “trick casters” in the business.  He traveled the country putting on demonstrations at sport shows, and wowing audiences with his wit, persona, and his technical abilities.  Shahid passed away in 2012 at the age of 86.