Original Caption: Being a truly versatile fisherman, Roland used a small motor and boat and a portable depth meter to get into this fine string of bass. In this case, it was the proper equipment to do the job. Jan. 1974, Fishing Facts, no photo credit.

In Part II of our Roland Martin historical photo again features Roland Martin, this time with a nice string of bass.  In this image he’s also carrying a portable outboard motor and a Lowrance Lo-K-Tor.  It was to prove Roland’s point about being versatile and doing whatever you need to do to target and catch the most active bass.

Seeing the picture makes me think about a concept for a tournament.  What about an event where the only equipment you can use is the motor and electronics you can personally carry to the ramp, but I digress.

To that point, Roland said, “It’s a funny thing how you get stereotyped.  For instance, I’ve been stereotyped, ‘the scientific deep-water fisherman’ by some of the structure fishermen on the tournaments, and yet this year I’ve been really successful so far in shallow water.  Since most of the tournaments are in the spring and the fish are shallow, I’ve only spent about 15 or 20% of my time in deep water.  Now in the next two or three tournaments it will be warm and I’ll probably spend about 90% of my time in deeper water because that’s where the fish area.  But it’s certain that I’m going to fish where the fish are if I’m going to fish at all, and if he’s in two feet of water I’m going to be there.”