Roland Martin and Al Lindner seem to have a double going in this picture. No photo Credit, In-Fisherman 1981.

Many people may not realize it, but in the early days, Roland Martin was a part of the In’Fisherman contribution staff, helping out on bass articles. In today’s historical photo, Roland, here with Al Lindner, was featured in an Oct/Nov 1981 article entitled, “An Autumn Largemouth Bass Bonanza,” written by Al.

One of the earliest 1977 In’Fisherman articles featuring Roland stated:

  • “With this study report, the IN’FISHERMAN begins getting input from Roland Martin. And boy, his credits are long and outstanding.”
  • “Roland is a skilled deep water structure fisherman. In the very early days, he came in contact with Buck Perry. Now he uses his extensive knowledge of bass behavior and exploratory fishing with sonar and maps to solve the mystery of the fish-catching puzzle. He was among the first to advocate ‘pattern fishing’ as a means to catching bass. Today, it’s the most talked about bass-producing method in tournament-style competition.”
  • “Like Bobby Murray, Roland is a welcome addition to our IN’FISHERMAN staff of truly innovative angling professionals.”