Rick Clunn can adjust to any fishing conditions – his versatility is the main reason he is one of today's top anglers. Photo Tim Tucker August 1983 The Palm Beach Post.

In 1983, Rick Clunn, known as “Mr. October” for his strong finishes in the Bassmaster Classic, including back-to-back wins in the late 1970s, was starting to get a lot of media attention. The great Tim Tucker, writing in a local Florida newspaper, did a large bio piece on Rick discussing his record, as well as getting some great quotes regarding many topics on the life of a professional bass angler on the tournament trail.

A few interesting quotes from the story:

“I don’t think I can cast as good as some of them. I don’t think I can necessarily catch fish as good as some of them can. But mentally, I can withstand more than the majority of them can”

Although he has won a pair of Classic titles, Clunn hints that he hasn’t received his just due in the sport. “At times I feel that way,” he said.

But the slump has been exaggerated, Clunn says, since he has won seven tournaments on other circuits during that period, like Western Bass, Lone Star and Hungry Fisherman tournament trails. “Those wins are just as important to me as BASS,” he said. “Winning is winning, regardless of where you do it. The competition on these circuits, man for man, is actually tougher than BASS.”

“BASS only has seven or eight tournaments a year. To be a good competitor that’s not enough. I need at least 15 to 20 tournaments a year to stay in shape.”