Steve Quinn holds one of the AC Plugs that Allan Cole sent him. Photo Steve Quinn.

[Editor’s note:  Steve Quinn, of In-Fisherman fame, and I have been good friends and colleagues for a while.  Recently he contacted me to let me know he had an interesting find after going through his desk – a correspondence with Allan Cole – who is the inventor of the AC Plug.  Below is the story of these documents.]

If the names Porter Hall, Jerry Rago, Ken Huddleston, Darin Tochihara, Bart Crabb, Mike Shaw, Greg Vella, and Allan Cole stir up memories of giant bass on special lures, you recall that it was an exciting era of discovery and bass beyond our wildest dreams. I covered the scene for In-Fisherman beginning about 2005 as swimbaits began to take the bass scene by storm. After the big wooden baits made a splash, Bruce Porter and later Fred Ward got us into hollow-bellies that changed the way we fished as well.

In revving up for a recent article, I came across some interesting correspondence about those days and thought I’d share a note from Allan Cole, whose AC Plug ignited the fire. He first built them in 1987, but the genre didn’t come into its own for 6 or 7 years, as they transitioned from striped bass lures to bass baits.

I received his note and instructions, with a schematic of his patent and a list of noteworthy catches on his lure, as well as some of his hand-built baits.

Steve Quinn

Hand written letter to Steve Quinn from Allan Cole.
Allan Cole's patent on the AC Plug.
Allan Cole's list of big fish caught on his bait. Page 1.
Allan Cole's list of big fish caught on his bait.  Page 2.
Allan Cole's list of big fish caught on his bait.  Page 3.