Original Caption: Tommy Martin relies on fast moving lures, such as spinnerbaits, when he's trying to cover and eliminate a lot of water. 1988, Bass Pro Strategies, By Larry Larsen.

In today’s Friday Finale final historical photo for the week, another great shot from Larry Larsen’s 1988 book, “Bass Pro Strategies: Locating and Catching Techniques Of The Professionals.”  This time, the one and only Tommy Martin. Appearing in Chapter 2 – Water Elimination, Tommy says, “Once you establish a pattern and determine the depth of water, type of cover, and clarity of water that you are catching bass in, you can then begin to quickly eliminate areas of the lake that probably won’t produce any bass, at least not on the pattern that you have established.

“Keep in mind, though,” Martin warns, “there can be a number of patterns or ways to catch bass within a given day. On most lakes during tournaments, I try to establish at least two and sometimes three patterns using different lures.  If one plays out, I have something else to go to.”

It seems like we hear much less these days about patterns, whether running a specific pattern while fishing a lake, or seasonal patterns in general.  Tommy is holding a spinnerbait in the photo, and that is another bait that gets used a lot still, but not to the degree that it once used to be, as a core component of a pattern of some type.

Anglers have become so versatile, along with the technological advancements we now see, it seems that pattern fishing is a little less relied upon.  Instead anglers are more apt to focus on specific fish and fish-holding locations.  Then each fish is targeted individually using a specific bait.  There’s less of the run-and-gun type approach with a small handful of baits targeting certain areas of the lake.