Bass Casters Association ad from 1977 found in Western Bass Fishing Association's 1977 issues.

A few days ago we posted an ad from 1975 – Bass Cat Boat’s first full-page ad in Bass Master Magazine. In that article, Rick Pierce talked about there being three major tournament organizations (in the East) during the early to mid 70s. One of those was the Bass Casters Association or the BCA.

I’d never really heard of it before but wouldn’t you know it, I was on the phone with a reader Jason the next day and he mentioned it and then the same day I was reading through a 1977 Western Bass magazine and found an actual ad from the organization touting their Association and their magazine, The Lunker Hole.

I was a member of Western Bass during this time and I don’t remember the ad but that’s understandable – I didn’t read the ads unless they had a bait I was interested in or a new shiny boat.

So, my questions to you are; 1) Do you remember the BCA, 2) Who all fished it, 3) was The Lunker Hole any good, 4) Are there any magazines that still exist, and 5) did you fish the circuit?

Addendum, February 2021:  Since the original writing of this piece, I have become very familiar with BCA and their magazine, the Lunker Hole.  Reading through the magazines I have of theirs, many familiar names of the time come up; such as Basil Bacon, Roger Moore and others, mostly from the Midwest region.  They produced a staple-bound magazine but don’t let that fool you – the content was good.  If anyone out there has a collection of these magazines, please contact Terry.  We’d somehow like to get them into the fold of the Bass Fishing Archives.