Dee Thomas and Frank Hauck after winning the Western Bass Association’s Lake Nacimiento event in May 1974

Dateline:  May 19, 1974

Paso Robles, CA – A new technique, coined “Controlled Structure Fishing,” has been introduced and it’s been met with mixed reviews. The technique’s given the duo of Dee Thomas and Frank Hauck a trip to the winners circle in five out of the last seven events. Why has it been met with mixed reviews? Some may say it’s jealousy, others say it’s a banned form of tule dippin’. Whatever you say it is, it’s been mighty successful for Thomas and Hauck, and even though they had to adjust their equipment for the latest Western Bass Fishing Association’s event on Lake Nacimiento, they were able to pull off another win even after chopping 4-1/2 feet off their preferred Lew’s Hawger rods and flipping their boat halfway through the first day of the event.

March 2012

BFA Headquarters – In the late spring, early summer of 1974, Thomas’ form of fishing had yet to reach outside the west. But in the west, it was creating a lot of conversation and discontent amongst anglers competing against him and his tournament partner. Most anglers that own a Flippin’ Stick know Thomas was the originator of the technique but few have heard or read about its origins. Below is an article, possibly the first article, ever written about Dee and his new method in which to target bass. The funny thing about it is Dee didn’t call it Flippin’ back then. His name for it was “Controlled Structure Fishing.”

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The first article written on the new Flippin' technique.  Digitally Copied from the California Lunker Club, Vol I, Issue 2, June 1974.


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fish_food:  Such a great reprint and such a great read–I’m really looking forward to more stuff like this.  I also love that pic of them with their Coors in hand (w/ Gregor in the background). Today’s squeaky, clean-cut “pros” would never let themselves be photographed enjoying a beer after the day’s competition!

Terry to fish_food:  Thanks Fish_Food. I really have to thank Dave Coolidge for letting me reprint that article. It was too good an article not have have it here in full print.

AL PERRY:  Well the Dee Thomas story is my first time at the website and what a good one it is…I look forward to reading more “history” articles such as this one….

Terry to AL PERRY:  Thanks Al! Glad you liked the story and we hope you enjoy reading more. In the future we’ll have three more pieces about Dee and the “Whole Flippin’ Story.” 🙂