Who knew LT. Dangle from Reno 911 fame was on Johnny Morris’ payroll in 1976? Photo Bass Pro Shops 1976 Christmas catalog.

Back in the days before really good cold-weather gear like AFTCO, SIMMS and Stormr, serious anglers all needed something to keep them warm from the elements – especially during winter. Back then there wasn’t much to choose from. Either you used expensive ski gear or a one-piece snow mobile suit like shown at the left.

It was about this time I got my first snow mobile suit for fishing those frosty southern California winter days, and the one LT. Dangle, of Reno 911 fame, is modeling was the one. I was all of 12 years old but I felt like the pros I worshiped. The suit served me well for a couple years until I grew out of it and had to get a new one – this one manufactured by Sterns. All I can say now is Thank God for Carhartt bibs and Gortex jackets. By the way, does anyone know where to get a good pair of flight glasses and a stick-on ‘stache?

As I was resurrecting the old posts from the backed-up files, I saw reader comments on some of the old posts.  Where available, I have included these old comments to bring back some memories as well as maybe inspire some more comments.  You can read the comments posted to this post below.

Reader Comments:

  1. fish_food:  Uncle Buck’s bassmate?
  2. Rob Shaw:  There’s a good chance that my wife Jerri is in that catalog! She modeled clothes for Bass Pro in the late 70’s.
    1. Terry to Rob Shaw:  Really Rob? You have any old Bass Pro Catalogs? 🙂