For Mike Metcalf, the best bait to use when fishing deep structure against the clock is a big Mudbug lure. Times photo, Reeves Field, Jul 1992, The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana).

If you are a fan of the old Arbogast Mudbug, then you might like this week’s photo. Texas angler Mike Metcalf was a ‘Master of the Mudbug,’ along with a couple other guys from that area and time frame (1980s-1990s). This article specifically mentions the fact, along with a fun look back at the early structure guys who put in countless hours of idle time with a flasher and graph trying to find “hidden” hot-spots long before FFS (forward facing sonar) and hi-def mapping.

From the article titled: Taking the Winning Bait

“One of the first things Mike Metcalf did after returning to East Texas from the Army was to buy something that would help him see better.

“The 39-year-old angler has excellent vision. What he wanted was to look beneath the surface of brush-filled Toledo Bend and into the living rooms of its plentiful largemouth bass.

“An electronic flasher (depth finder) helped Metcalf do just that, and he spent the next several years mapping the bottom structure on the upper end of the sprawling border lake. It has made him one of the top bass fishermen on Toledo Bend.”

He frequently partnered with Gary Yelverton, and between the two of them, took an awful lot of money in local tournaments in the region, both individual and team events.