“Lunker” Bill Murphy. Photo reprinted with permission from Dave Coolidge.

Originally posted 18 April, 2012

Bill Murphy needs no introduction when it comes to bass fishing. He is arguably one of the fathers of trophy bass hunting and his tenure on the water yielded an almost-uncountable number of fish over ten. To top this off, Murphy did a lot of his best work during the early stage of the Florida Revolution in San Diego – a time when the big-fish population was being born. He learned his skills on the water and taught himself the ways of the big girls. He had no instructor or mentor – he was the Yoda of the day.

Skimming through the May 1974 issue of the California Lunker Club newsletter the other day, I ran across this article, penned by Lunker Bill himself, about his views on the plastic worm. Instead of paraphrasing the article I think it’s best to just let you read the whole thing.

I hope you enjoy reading a little history.






“Lunker” Bill Murphy on Plastic Worms. California Lunker Club Newsletter, May 1974. Reprinted in its entirety with permission from Dave Coolidge.



Past Reader Comments:

Cc:  Thanks for reprinting this Terry. Bill Murphy was an awesome angler and his approach and pointers are still as relevant today as they were back then.  Great stuff – keep it coming!

fish_food:  Excellent reprint!

Terry to CC and fish_food:  You’re welcome guys. CC, you’re absolutely right about his words still being pertinent. He was a master. It amazes me today how he taught himself all the stuff he knew.